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" I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and gratitude for the services provided. While I have been to Kiev and see the prices that are required by your operation a little high in price. Your service is not. After all I am 6000 miles away (smile)...And truth be known, prices are the same here so I will retract those words. I called you at 1200 USA time on the 13th.. Late in my order, your commitment to your endeavor was promised. You delivered. Half of Kiev is stricken with "Fever Flu" just as my Tanya. It is covered with ice and snow. With a few exceptions, it really is not a very happy place. At 2330 on the 14th her phone rings. "Will you accept a delivery tonight or should we return tomorrow?" A man with his daughter meet her at the door with the Tulips and chocolates. She apologize for them coming out so late. There reply was "we have 50 more stops if they will receive us".... Well, she said this was the best medicine for her Illness, this woman of 42 years told me of her fathers gift every spring of one Tulip for her, and one for her sister. This was in the time of the Communist, tulips were very expensive and their import was controlled and scrutinized. Well, she was very delighted with the arrangement. I am so glad I did not send roses (smile) Such is the letter of my thanks and the tale of the Tulip and my Flower of Kiev. "

Scott F. S. - February 16, 2007
Summit NC, USA

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