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" Though I'm not a very public person I feel virtually compelled to express my deep gratitude to your company. You take all the credit for making this 8 of March/International Women's Day really special for women in Russia that I love and whom I was separated from due to my special mission thousands kilometers/zillion problems away. Thanks to you they got what they deserve and what they have got all the years before - flowers and care, though I was not this time around. Special thanks to Dmitriy that agonized with processing my card with a wrong billing number. He is a real professional and a good person as he took the labor of finding me in the middle of nowhere and making my orders go through. This is not about business - this is about making miracles of keeping heart-to-heart connection and in this context the price that you charge is just symbolic. I've placed numerous orders just for this 8-th of March and I will use your company in the future whenever I think "flowers in Moscow". I also did the minimum that I could to retrieve your kindness- besides paying, of course - I sent your web coordinates and recommendations to all the adressees which I have in my e-mail address book. I wish you all the best and your business booming. "

Oleg Shulga - March 10, 2003
New York, NY, USA

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