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" We were looking for a service that could send a holiday gift to a friend of ours who lives in Bucharest, Romania. Experience has shown this is NOT an easy thing to do if trying to mail the gift yourself from the USA (and of course you are quite limited in what you can send from here to Europe, and of course there are Customs charges as well!). With Gift Baskets Overseas, we were able to avoid such difficulties. We picked out a lovely gift basket of goodies for our friend which we assume were sent from the U.K. thereby avoiding Customs fees and exorbitant shipping charges from the U.S. The gift basket arrived on time in Bucharest, and the delivery service there went the extra mile to find our friend who was not at the office that day to insure her gift was delivered. She was very excited and pleased and so are we. "

Mrs. Richard Furr - Dec 31, 2012
Charlotte NC, USA

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