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" It is in difficult times that you really know the character and quality of people. The same applies to business and companies. There we were. Living in Australia and wanting to send a gift basket to our uncle in the US, celebrating his amazing 100th birthday. We did it through Gift Basket Overseas and were happy with the user friendly site. Simple process. Short and efficient. To our surprise, the basket didn't arrive at the date promised. We began an investigation, compounded by an 18 hour time difference between Sydney, Australia and Scottsdale, AZ. From day one, every single customer representative we corresponded with only had one thing in mind: to resolve the problem. Through many iterations we found out I had a typo on the street name and although the zip code was correct, the courier delivered to an address that was not our uncle's. GBO sent a replacement basket at their cost and still that didn't make it to him. After a lot of investigations and the personal involvement of their customer service director, we finally had the gifts arrive at their destination. A very big thank you and we can assure you that you now have a customer for life and I will be recommending you to my friends. You showed us what customer service is all about. Thanks! "

Andre T - Apr 11, 2018
North Ryde NSW, Australia

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